Women’s Neuropsychologist in Los Angeles

Recent studies have shown that female concussion differs from males. Women sustain more concussions than their male counterparts in sports, military, and general accidents. It also takes women longer to recover than men. The “why” has yet to be determined.

Located in Los Angeles, California is a concussion center with an interest in women’s concussion. One Neuro has several women’s neuropsychologists and a separate department specifically for concussion called Concussion Clinic LA, also known as One Neuro Sport. While they treat everyone, there is a special interest in the conundrum of female concussion. In several studies, female athletes experience (or at least report) more severe symptoms and longer recovery times than male athletes.

Concussion Awareness

One Neuro Sport wants to raise awareness of concussion, help their patients recover fully, and know how to protect themselves from recurring concussion particularly in school and professional sports. Athletic concussive issues can include:

  • Educating athletes who have had previous sports-related concussions and make them aware that they have a higher risk of sustaining another.
  • Increased concussion risk during match play.
  • Debilitating neurological complications later in life due to repetitive concussions during an athlete’s career.

By the Numbers

The need for women’s neuropsychologists can be seen in the research numbers:

  • Females playing high school soccer suffer concussions 68 percent more often than males.
  • Females playing high school basketball sustain concussion almost 3 times more than male players.
  • It takes females longer for their concussive symptoms to resolve and return to play than males.

Prevailing Theories

So why are females more prone to concussion? Truthfully, no one knows for sure but everyone has a theory.

One theory is that because their heads and necks are smaller than males, females may not have well-developed muscles so they cannot absorb the shock of impact like males can.

Another theory is that because society is more protective of girls than boys, that athletic trainers pay more attention to female injuries.

And finally, there is the theory that girls may be more likely to self-report than boys because boys need to be tough and play through the pain.

The Real Benefits

While theories still abound, at least trainers, coaches, and parents can now be more knowledgeable about male and female athletes’ concussive symptoms and ensure the athlete gets the proper help. Also women in the military, professional sports, or who have had an accident can be more aware of the signs and find a women’s neuropsychologist like the ones at One Neuro in LA, to get them back on the track to good health. Being educated and aware will help keep athletes of both sexes from having long lasting neurological effects.

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